Today is a bit of a personal milestone. On 21st August 2014, I wrote the first words of A Gathering Of Fools. 180k words later and numerous rounds of redrafting, the book hit Amazon in January. Sales have been a little slow.

But this post is about words written rather than books sold. And since deciding to write every day, I have:

  • Published two books in the Vensille Saga – 385k words
  • Written the third book in the Vensille Saga – 200k
  • written half the fourth (and final) book in the Vensille Saga – 100k
  • Two short stories – 17k
  • Published three RMSC novels, co-written with my brother – 150k words
  • Written two and a half novels in an urban fantasy series – 80k words

All in, that’s getting on for a million words typed. Plus six books published. And two more planned. And maybe another ten or twelve next year. I’m comfortably pleased with this, although it’s a lot less prolific than many authors.

Everyone always says that the most important advice for a new author is “write”. That’s true, as far as it goes, but if you want to finish a book and see it sell, I advise “write every day”. More on this topic later. 

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