Book One of The Venseille Saga

Coming in Early 2018


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Abaythian Marrinek; trusted imperial servant, commander of armies and advisor to an Emperor, Marrinek has been named traitor. Betrayed, imprisoned and abandoned, he has been stripped of honour, lands and titles and dumped in a prison cell, left to rot as the Empire grinds on without him.


Almost two years later while in transit to the prison island of Ankeron West – a dumping ground for the people the Empire wants to forget – Marrinek survives storm and shipwreck only to wake on an unfamiliar shore. Unexpectedly free, he heads west to escape the Emperor’s agents and rebuild his life.


Reaching the fortified city of Venseille, Marrinek loses himself amidst the teeming hordes and begins to build a base from which to plot his eventual revenge.


In Venseille, the twins Floost and Darek hide amongst the rooftops and scrape a living from the streets by stealing. Living in fear of the gangs, the watch and the dark remnants of the slave trade, their luck changes when Marrinek rescues them from slavers and takes them as apprentices, promising to teach them how to use their talents and power.


Marrinek’s wife, Adriavia, has spent the last two years in hiding, changing her name and appearance to stay ahead of the enemies that Marrinek has accumulated, unaware of the fate or location of her husband. When she learns that he is not only alive but free, she leaves the relative safety of her hiding place and heads west to find him, travelling dangerous roads to track him to the city of Venseille.

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