Yesterday was a good day. The second book in our science fiction series about the Royal Marine Space Commandos, Guerrilla, is now finished and went up on Amazon late last night.

This is the sequel to Commando and our heroes Captain Atticus and Lieutenant Warden, not to say the unusual Marine X, must again defend the colony of New Bristol from alien invaders. Guerrilla follows on from the events of Commando, dumping the Marines straight back into the thick of things, just when they thought they’d won the day.

Jon and I write these books together, collaborating closely as we develop the plot, work out the scenes and devise new and horrible experiences to test our characters. And the nice thing about finished a book, apart from hitting the ‘publish’ button, is that it frees you up to work on the next. The sequel to Guerrilla will be Ascendant, which we’re already working; sign up to my mailing list to keep up with developments.

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