Another weekend, another stack of work on Ascendant (Royal Marines Space Commandos Book 3). After a lot of chat and no small amount of scribbling, we have a solid arc for the whole book and a little over half the text drafted. That puts us on target for publishing toward the end of June, with any luck.

So how do we manage a weekend of writing when I live in London and Jon lives in Cardiff? Mostly, we write separately to a plan we’ve already thrashed out. This weekend, Jon came to London and we wrote together, either in my living room (as my wife was away for the weekend) or in a pub, in this case The Crown & Greyhound in Dulwich Village and The Fox on the Hill in Denmark Hill. When we’re writing, we work on different chapters or different scenes within a single chapter, each at our own machine. We hack away at our chapter until we’re happy that it works, then we push the text into the shared document that forms the basis of our book and move on to the next one.

It’s hard work. To make it worthwhile, we try to write two to three thousand words each on each day, which isn’t a great deal in the grand scheme of things (some authors regularly write 8-10k words a day) but is still a lot more intense than either of our normal daily writing habits. It’s hard work, especially when the weather is good, but at the end of the weekend, having consumed far too much Coke Zero and moved around rather less than we probably should have done, we’ve plugged in about 17k words (on top of the 10k we already had) and we’ve basically broken the back of the book. From here, as we know where we’re going and how to get there, it should be a relatively straight run to the finished draft.

And then, editing, but that’s a topic for another post.

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