The Royal Marine Space Commando adventures are now available as audiobooks from Podium Publishing.

Royal Marine Space Commandos: books 1 and 2

Get the first two Royal Marine Space Commandos books as audio books.

Commando, Book 1:

A young lieutenant. A fleet of alien invaders. Will first contact be humanity’s last stand?


Guerrilla, Book 2:

A ruthless invasion. An outmatched colony. A Commando’s last chance offensive.

If you like fast-paced action, interstellar battles, and characters with nerves of steel, then you’ll love Jon and James Evans’s thrilling saga.

Get audiobooks 1 and 2 of the Royal Space Marine Commandos series on Amazon.

Royal Marine Space Commandos: books 3 and 4

Get the third and fourth books in the Royal Marine Space Commandos series as audio books.

Ascendant, (book 3):

Aboard the captured enemy ship, Ascendant, Captain Warden and Lieutenant Commander Cohen must lead a mission to explore a star system held by the Deathless.


Gunboat, (book 4):

A space fleet in shambles. A captain facing annihilation. There’s never been a better time to play dirty….

Get audiobooks 3 and 4 of the Royal Space Marine Commandos series on Amazon.

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