Ascendant is the third in a series of books about the Royal Marine Space Commandos and continues where Guerrilla left off.

Infiltrate. Assess. Exfiltrate. 

Aboard the captured enemy ship, Ascendant, Captain Warden and Lieutenant Commander Cohen must lead a mission to explore a star system held by the Deathless. NewPet is close to the colony world of New Bristol, and they must discover what threat it poses to the Commonwealth.

They have deployed in enemy clones, and have their armour and weapons to complete the deception. Now they must infiltrate a militarised star system and gather vital intelligence for the war effort. What these space marines face on NewPet will test the limits of their skill and resourcefulness like never before.

Can the Commandos reconnoitre the Deathless facilities and gather the intelligence they need to defend the Commonwealth?

Ascendant, Book 3 in the Royal Space Marine Commandos, is out now. Get it on Amazon.


Guerrilla is the second in a series of books about the Royal Marine Space Commandos and picks up where the first book, Commando, left off.

A colony is being invaded; it’s time to send in the Commandos.


Lieutenant Warden’s Marines have driven the enemy from New Bristol and saved the colony but they’re not yet in the clear. Now they face a new challenge; the imminent arrival of an enemy fleet.


Together with the colonists, Warden and Atticus mount a guerrilla war against the invaders, driving them back in an attempt to secure the city.


But the invaders have their own plans and resources. Huge walking tanks, massive production facilities and advanced technology are all deployed as they try to break the Royal Marines and take the planet from the colonists.


Can Lieutenant Warden inspire the Marines and save the colony again?

Guerrilla, Book 2 in the Royal Space Marine Commandos, is out now. Get it on Amazon.


Commando is the first in a trilogy of military sci-fi books which follow the Royal Marine Space Commandos. If you like action-packed books about space marines who are British, you’ll love this book. Join the Marines of Lympstone Company as they protect the colony world of New Bristol against an invasion.

A colony is under invasion. It’s time to send in the Commandos.


When the Royal Marines are called to New Bristol, they’re expecting their mission will be just another insurgent hunt. What they face when they arrive is anything but a spot of local trouble though.


After a brutal firefight, Lieutenant Warden finds himself leading the remaining Commandos in defence of the colonists. Their enemy has superior numbers, weaponry and armour. They see the colony as a soft target, but they weren’t counting on facing the Royal Marine Space Commandos.


Warden must bring the fight to the enemy, and bring it with all the fire and fury he can summon. With only their basic weapon packages and equipment available, it’ll be a tough fight.


Can one young Lieutenant and a score of Marines bring an end to the invasion?

I’m writing the book with a collaborator, my brother Jon. We have two more exciting instalments planned in this trilogy and then two more trilogies after that to take the story into other areas of the world we’ve been building.

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A Gathering of Princes

War threatens the city of Vensille.

An unseen enemy strikes at the city and Duke Rhenveldt struggles to maintain control.

As the danger grows, Marrinek forms a desperate plan to save his household and the twins.

Adrava and Floost must embark on a dangerous journey, deep into the Empire. Can they evade capture long enough to return to Vensille?

Far across the Empire, Tentalus marches west with his armies, bringing death and battle with him. Rumours of betrayal and conspiracy grow. Will the traitors spring their final trap before the Emperor can uncover their schemes?

And in the forests of Sclareme, an ancient horror awakens from its long slumber. Pursued and hunted, can Mirelle and her crew escape to bring a warning to Vensille?

Can anything save Vensille?


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A Gathering of Fools

Marrinek has fought his last war. Once an officer in the Imperial Army, he has been betrayed, captured and named traitor. His future now holds only imprisonment and death – but that doesn’t stop him dreaming of revenge.


Krant lives a clerk’s life of paperwork and boredom until a chance meeting with an Imperial courier rips his world apart and sets him on a new course. Sent abroad with only the mysterious Gavelis for company, Krant faces an impossible task with no hope of success.


For two years, Adrava has hidden from her husband’s enemies. But her refuge is no longer safe and she must venture forth to seek justice at the end of a blade.


In Vensille they gather, fools seeking shelter from a storm that threatens to drown the city in blood and fire.


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The Vensille Saga will continue in A Gathering of Arms, due for release in 2019.

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