So that’s the first round of edits on BIP2 done and out of the way. The manuscript’s gone back to the editor for a second pass, then I’ve got a few more things to tweak before it’ll basically be done. 

BIP4 progresses nicely. I’ve been working on both the first few chapters and the overall outline, tightening the final act to – hopefully – pull everything together in an exciting climax.

RMSC7 is also coming along well. Jon and I are pounding out the words and editing each others text as we go. 

Over the next fortnight, I aim to complete BIP2 and get BIP3 to the editors so that, by the end of July, all three books should be ready to go. Paperbacks, ebooks, and, for the first time, a hardback collection of all three. Really looking forward to getting this work into the market.