Here’s a quick update on the week’s work. It’s been busy.

In the Royal Marine Space Commandos universe, RMSC7 is moving along nicely. Chapter 12 is drafted, chapter 14 is half finished, and we’ve worked through a ton of comments and ideas.

In my new project, Black Iron Prophecies, the last two chapters of BIP3 have been drafted, as well as the prologue and half the epilogue. I’ve also addressed a load of ‘Todo’ notes (I leave these in the text as reminders of things to check, revise, or add) and tweaked things across the manuscript. There’s still a load of work to do but the end is in sight. A few more scenes to draft, a full read-through with targeted re-drafting, and it’ll be ready for editing.

And I made progress on the main plot elements for BIP4. This looks like it might be a fun book to write, but outlining will take another week or two.

Next week brings more work on RMSC7, and I hope to complete the first draft of BIP3.

Thanks for reading!

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