It’s been a busy few weeks.

BIP2 came back from my excellent editor with over 4,800 changes, including around a hundred comments. I’m still working through this, but the finished product will be better for the extra work.

RMSC7 progresses nicely. Lots more work to do on this manuscript, but it’s shaping up really well.

The covers for BIP2 and BIP3 are basically done, and I’ve also ordered a hardback cover for the trilogy.

I’m also now writing BIP4. The first four chapters are complete, but the plan calls for twenty-six chapters, so there’s some way to go yet.

The work for the next few weeks will be: finish the first-pass on BIP2 and return it to the editor (hopefully this week); final revisions of BIP3 to get it off to the editor; more work on RMSC7 to keep that moving along, and then drafting BIP4. Fun times.

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