I write every day. The word count varies hugely, but the rule is that I write something every single day. This is the only way I can keep all my projects moving along, and there’s something elegant about the rule’s simplicity

This week, as well as slapping down new words for RMSC7 (chapter 14 drafted, chapter 16 in progress, lots of tweaks and updates to previous chapters), I’ve been ploughing on with Black Iron Prophecies 3 – The Last Portal. It’s shaping up nicely.

Alongside that, I’ve had the first edited version of BIP1 – The Cold Iron War – back from the editor. Lots of solid feedback to review, so I have a busy weekend ahead of me.

And the outline for BIP4 is also coming together. I have my plot threads, my antagonists, and ideas for some of my confrontations. 

Next week – the last before the UK’s hospitality business goes back indoors and we can have a meal out without fear of the weather – will be more of the same; RMSC7, BIP3, and editing BIP1.

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