Another week draws to a close. What have we achieved?

The first draft of book 7 of the Royal Marine Space Commandos series (aka RMSC7) is well underway. We are – I guess – about halfway through the text and making good progress. Time to order the cover…

And the broad outline for RMSC8 is basically done. This stage involves a lot of discussion with Jon, my co-author (and brother). The next step in our process is to break the story into chapters and scenes, sketch the new characters and locations, and prepare a large chart that tracks the whole story from beginning to end. We’ll probably work on this next week between sessions writing book 7.

In other news, my new series – The Black Iron Prophecies – is coming along nicely. The first book – The Cold Iron War – is with our editor for review and I have a draft cover. BIP2 is ready for editing, and BIP3 is nearing completion. I’m really excited to launch these books – I have a good feeling about them.

What’s the outlook for next week? More of the same, really; drafting RMSC7, outlining RMSC8, and completing the first draft of BIP3, then working through the editor’s comments on BIP1.

And now I’m going to press on with RMSC7. Somehow, I have to get our protagonists out of a really bad *static* and then *static* before finally *static*. Did you get that?

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